Thursday, February 20, 2014

Maryland Sika Deer Hunting

Maryland is one of several states where opportunities exist for sika deer hunting. During the 2013-2014 Maryland hunting season, hunters harvested 2701 sika deer (1,116 antlered and 1,585 antlerless).

2013-2014 Maryland sika deer harvest summary by county:

County        sika deer harvested

Caroline        3
Dorchester        2555
Somerset        10
Worcester        57

source: Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Friday, February 14, 2014

New Jersey Spring Light (Snow) Goose Conservation Order

The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife recently announced that the agency will implement a Conservation Order (CO) in New Jersey for light geese during the winter/spring of 2014.

Conservation Order Dates: February 17 - April 5, 2014, except Sundays.

CO participants can obtain a permit through the Division's license web site at

Hunters who do not have internet access can have a permit mailed to them.

Best Areas in New Jersey for Snow Geese

1. Delaware Bay tidal marshes and nearby inland farm fields contain the most light geese. Nearly 100,000 light geese are estimated in these areas during the Mid-Winter Waterfowl Survey in early January.

2. Considerable numbers of light geese can be found in central New Jersey. Flocks in this region range far and wide and are usually found in an area from Cranbury to Roosevelt to Wrightstown to Burlington.

Central New Jersey flocks typically total 5-10 thousand birds. Generally, these birds are found field feeding on private farms necessitating obtaining landowner permission for access.

3. Light geese are found in the northern part of the state centered on Merrill Creek Reservoir near Phillipsburg. Merrill Creek is used primarily as a roosting and loafing site; the reservoir itself is not open to waterfowl hunting. These flocks range far and wide on a daily basis and are usually found from Belvidere to Washington to Clinton to Flemington.

Northern flocks typically exceed 15,000 birds in January and can build to over 75,000 birds in late winter. Most of these flocks are also found on private farms.

4. Light geese can be found in and around Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville. Mean Mid-Winter Waterfowl Survey counts from early January are typically about 5,000 birds in this region.

The Division administers a wide range of public land as Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs). Key WMAs for spring light geese include (from south to north): Dennis Creek, Heislerville, Egg Island, Fortescue, Nantuxent, New Sweden, Dix and Mad Horse Creek. A list of WMAs and maps can be found at

Light Goose Hunting Information

The Atlantic Flyway Council offers a booklet, Successful Hunting Tactics for Greater Snow Geese that includes hunting tactics to help boost success when hunting light geese.

Also, a light goose cookbook with many recipes and hunting tips can be found at:

source: NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife