Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Catch Bullfrogs

Bullfrog hunting, or "frogging," is popular in many parts of the USA during summer. All that's needed is a flashlight or headlamp, a mesh sack, an old pair of tennis shoes, and some stealth. The only other necessary ingredient is access to a local pond, lake, or stream.

One proven method for catching bullfrogs is to walk quietly through the water at night and shine a bright light along the bank until a pair of glowing eyes appear. Temporarily blinded by the light, frogs can be grabbed or netted.

Frog legs are regarded as a delicacy and have a taste and texture resembling a cross of shrimp and fish. A popular way to cook them is to dip the legs in egg and then into a mixture of flour and corn meal, seasoning salt, and pepper. Then the legs are fried to a golden brown in oil.

Outdoorsmen should check their state regulations before harvesting wild bullfrogs.

source: Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism

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