Monday, February 21, 2011

Signs of Spring

In the USA Mid Atlantic region, signs of Spring are everywhere. All along the Atlantic Flyway, snow geese are visibly restless. As each day grows longer, snow geese gather in ever-larger flocks to feed, becoming more and more restless throughout the day. Although they feed heavily, geese spend considerable time flying back and forth between feeding spots. As the days of February pass, their time in the region grows shorter.

Wild turkeys are also becoming much m ore visible. Large flocks are on the move and sightings in open fields are more common. Food supplies have been lean for some time, but even now turkeys are beginning to find a much wider selection of foods.

Deer behavior is also changing fast as March grows near. With the rut, hunting season and most of the harsh weather behind, deer are able to feed more consistently. During morning and evening, whitetails are often seen eating tree buds, early grasses and other vegetation.

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