Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Colorado Big Game Hunting Brochure

The Colorado Division of Wildlife is rolling out its 2011 big game hunting brochure with some major enhancements to help hunters apply for licenses and find information about big game hunting in the state. Applications for the 2011 fall big game season are due to the Division of Wildlife by Tuesday, April 5.

The fully re-designed brochure includes easy-to-read tables, a detailed list of new hunt opportunities in the state and a reference page with important information about Colorado hunting regulations. Copies of the brochure are available anywhere licenses are sold.

Also new this year is an interactive, on-line companion version of the brochure that has video clips offering hunt pointers and tips on how to apply for licenses through the draw process.

Beyond enhancements to the brochure, the Division has also continued to improve its customer service efforts.

Another change this year is the requirement that all license applicants purchase a $10 Habitat Stamp before they apply for their first hunting or fishing license of the year.

Hunters who use paper applications and apply for multiple licenses must include the $10 stamp fee for each application if they have not previously purchased a stamp for the current year. All but one of these fees will be refunded. By purchasing a Habitat Stamp in advance or using the on-line application process, applicants can avoid extra paperwork and expense.

"About 64 percent of our customers apply on-line so they'll get the stamp automatically if they need it, but for hunters who prefer the traditional paper application, we want to make sure they understand the requirements," Turner said. "Another benefit of applying on-line is that the system prevents you from making some of the more common mistakes." Turner added that on average, 10 percent of paper applications each year contain errors or illegible writing that can result in delays or disqualification from the draw process.

A lifetime Habitat Stamp is available for $200 prior to March 31. Beginning April 1 the lifetime Habitat Stamp will increase in cost to $300.

The Colorado Wildlife Habitat Stamp program was initiated by sportsmen and established by the Colorado legislature in 2005. Proceeds from the Habitat Stamp have helped the Division conserve 103,074 acres of wildlife habitat and secure 40,635 acres of new public hunting and fishing access.

Hunters born after Jan. 1, 1949 are also reminded that they must have completed a hunter education course prior to applying for a hunting license in Colorado. Since the hunter education requirement was imposed in 1970, hunting accidents have significantly declined in the state.

A .pdf version of the 2011 Colorado Big Game brochure can be viewed here:

The interactive version of the brochure can be accessed at

A complete list of upcoming hunter education classes can be found at

source: Colorado Division of Wildlife

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