Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2010-11 Maryland Deer Season Harvest

According to MD DNR, Maryland deer hunters harvested a total of 98,663 deer during the 2010-2011 bow, muzzleloader and firearm seasons combined. This figure is down just 2 percent from last year’s record harvest of 100,663 deer. The antlered harvest declined 1 percent to 33,341 deer this year, while the antlerless harvest decreased 2 percent to 65,322 deer. The harvest totals include 2,780 sika deer; a 17 percent increase over last year’s total for this species.

A regulation change enacted in 2010 moved the western half of Washington County into Deer Management Region A, which includes Allegany and Garrett counties. The regulation change was instituted to reduce the deer harvest in that portion of Washington County. As a result of the boundary change, deer harvest numbers for the region are not directly comparable to previous years. A total of 9,324 deer (5,412 antlered, 3,912 antlerless) were harvested in Region A during the 2010-2011 season. The Garrett County harvest remained stable while the harvest in Allegany and Washington counties dropped approximately 30 percent. The decline in Washington County was an expected outcome of the change in the Region A boundary. While the decline in Allegany County was partly due to a decrease in the overall deer herd, the boundary change further reduced harvest by putting several popular public hunting areas in the same Management Region, removing the option to take deer under two separate bag limits.

The reported deer harvest in the remainder of the state (Deer Management Region B) was similar to the previous year. Hunters in Region B reported taking 89,339 deer for the year; down 2 percent from last year. The antlered harvest of 27,929 deer was 3 percent lower than last year, while the antlerless total decreased 2 percent to 61,410 deer. Frederick County led the state this year with 7,942 deer, followed by Baltimore County with 6,919 and Washington County with 6,035 deer.

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